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About Us

We believe that all staff, patients and visitors deserve a warm service, great coffee, wholesome food and a place to find respite.

Since 2014, customer feedback stand as testimony as to how LifeGrain is transforming the offering in hospitals and changing expectations for the better.

We love serving quality products to our customers in a caring way and in a happy and uplifting environment

Healthy Food Framework

Our offering is in full compliance with the NSW Healthy Food Framework.

Since auditing began, we have achieved results of 100% compliance, and we have been put forward as a model for other operators to emulate when implementing this framework in their own operations.

HACCP Certified

Our flagship store located at Prince of Wales Hospital is HACCP Certified – that means we adhere to the highest standard of food safety and quality in the country – because customer safety has always been our priority.

All our locations also operate under the same food safety and quality standards.

High Touch Support

With over a 100 staff and 9 locations, LifeGrain remains true to its humble beginnings, with family still at its core. Our directors continue to be hands and on and lead a our executive team, all who are easily contactable.

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Multiple Brands

We currently operate multiple brands that are focused on a different experience for customers.

Plume Cafe is a brand which is focused on an elevated coffee and food experience, offering customers an option to select from a wider and more specialised hot beverage menu, and a unique and varied food menu, with the option to offer an ala carte experience.

Tsubu Sushi is brand that offers a haven for those wanting a relaxed environment where you can feast on delicious Japanese/Asian cuisine and sushi.